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CAL1 - Certified Agile Leadership

The TrustTemenos CAL1 course creates a magical container that challenges you to understand what you are looking for as a leader. We invite you to inspire changes in your relationships and contexts, to nurture growth in new ways.


Agile Leadership 

“If Agile is the solution, I want my problem back!”

Fewer buzzwords. Fewer models, frameworks, “solutions”. Just leadership.

“Agile” is promising resilience, effectiveness and speed for your business. That requires distributed authority, a learning culture, engagement on all levels. How do we achieve all that? Just tell everyone how to work differently? The current culture of your organisation is the result and outcome of your leadership. That new, “agile” organisation you are looking for... what kind of leadership is going to be creating it?

Word cloud CALAgile Leadership Principles

  • Lead yourself first

  • Take responsibility

  • Don't take it personally

  • Accept imperfection

  • Share vulnerability

  • You are good enough - and they are too!

  • Ask for help

  • Admit your mistakes

  • Say "I don't know"

  • …we will discover more in the course!

The TrustTemenos CAL1 course creates a magical container that challenges you to understand what you are looking for as a leader. We invite you to inspire changes in your relationships and contexts, to nurture growth in new ways.

Adaptive, resilient organisations need people who take responsibility. Leadership is not limited to roles or positions. This course addresses executives and managers just as well as anyone who wants to take more responsibility in their life or organisation.

“The way you integrate invitation into everything you do is outrageously consistent.”
(Arto Miekkavaara, NeuroLeadership Institute, Helsinki)

While you will be exposed to good leadership and a lot of valuable knowledge, this is not a course in theory. This is a course where you‘re invited to lead. 

In this course, a diverse group of people becomes a team working on improving their personal leadership. “Agile” is the stance and journey of continuously improving. In that spirit, “agile leadership” is the conscious improvement of how we lead and follow. We need 

  • to know who we are and what we want, and 

  • to understand how to reflect on your leadership - a mirror won’t cut it … 

You may bring your comfort zone, but you might not spend much time in it.

What will you learn?

  • Awareness of your leadership identity and impact

  • A comprehensive model to understand your leadership and its impact

  • A clear aspiration of how you want to lead

  • Several exercises to integrate into your own leadership practice

  • Improved listening skills

  • Your own way forward on your leadership journey

What topics are covered?

Day 1

  • Creating the foundation of real team work

  • Understanding leadership: impact and intention

  • Developing relationships and managing contexts

  • Identifying my personal leadership challenge

  • Taking and inviting responsibility

Day 2

  • Using our Emotions to increase energy and impact

  • Dive deep into your personal leadership challenge

  • Come out with new insights and a solid plan to improve your leadership

  • Open Space

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Who leads in an agile organisation - and how?
  • I want to be challenged and discover what kind of leader I am.
  • What does leadership mean for me?
  • What kind of leadership will help me achieve what I want?

If  you are curious about the answer to any of these questions then this is the course for you

How should I prepare for this course?

Optional prework will be provided to enhance your learning experience

Will I need any equipment for the Course?

You will need to install Zoom application version, as the web version does not have all the features needed. You will also need access to google docs suite

What about exams and assessments?

The course is assessed by the instructors during the course with active participation being the main criteria for passing the course.  If successful you will receive the Scrum Alliance Certifed Agile Leadership 1 accreditation which does not expire.

What have people said who have been on the course?

“I think the main impact this course made on me deals with my own integrity and internal priorities. I don't see how one could lead himself without fixing that first. And, of course, no way you can lead others if you can not lead yourself. You've seen those V1 survey results over the years with culture and the main impediment, right..? Who is responsible for setting culture – leaders. So, I would rephrase that main problem with agile adoptions deals with leadership. This class could be first step towards improving that in you. This way, it could actually work and make a difference.”
- (Kirill Klimov, Singapore)


“Unsurprisingly there was no ‘step-by-step official guide’ to Agile Leadership handed out that we had to swear to never divulge. There was, however, an immaculately created ‘safe’ space for learning a bunch of great techniques, models and ways of thinking backed by the trainer’s practical expertise and experience. The learning was enhanced by group participation, which is both a credit to the participants and a credit to the ability of the trainers to elicit the best from them. This is very much a leadership course for those who need to lead and influence, it is not a summary of Agile frameworks. It would be completely impractical and a detriment to the course to attempt to make it so. If you want to know about the specific details of any Agile framework, take additional courses which are specifically designed for that purpose.”
- (Ray Whiting, London)


“There are many CAL courses, each one slightly different with the facilitators own style imprinted onto the course; knowing this is why I specifically chose this course facilitated by Olaf & Christine who are both world class in their abilities and sensitivities. The Trust Temenos CAL course is also one of the rare CAL course to be delivered by a pair, it is especially beneficial that they are a mixed pair (Male/Female) as the blend of energies is a great compliment and they have a great sense for knowing what energy to bring in at what time to help uncover multiple perspectives. Olaf & Christine and their Temenos (Containers of Trust) experience helps set up an environment not just conducive to learning, but one which is designed for “Showing Up” whole so we can truly connect on a deeper human level with each other. Learning within this incubator is accelerated as we are able to drop the masks early on and talk about how Leadership has failed us, and how we have failed Leadership. In an enlightening personal exploration of our Leadership styles and the positive/negative impact it has on both others and ourselves, we learn more about ourselves and give ourselves new choices on how we want to show up as the Leaders of our own journey. An honest, truthful and beautiful experience with an open group of fellow explorers, all enabled by Olaf & Christine’s effortless facilitation and compassion. Highly recommended, even for those not seeking a CAL Certification.”  - (Ash Sheikh, London)


“I am very happy I had the opportunity to participate in Olaf´s Certified Agile Leadership 1 course. It was such an amazing deep dive into what it means to be human combined with lots of practical tools applicable straight away. Maybe the most powerful thing was Olaf´s amazing ability to create a safe space that allowed collective learning to “just happen” – through Olaf´s consistency in modelling the way of leading together. I have experienced this happening before on some rare occasions when there is a world class facilitator in the room. What sets Olaf apart is his ability to help participants reflect what makes this “magic” possible – and allow us to find ways to apply the learning in our own context.”
- (Arto Miekkavaara, NeuroLeadership Institute, Helsinki)

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