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ICP-CAT - Coaching Agile Transformations

The ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transformations course provides enterprise agile coaching skills to lead change and develop leadership styles and culture in alignment with organisational needs. Join a community of like-minded professionals and gain a globally recognised certification.


Become a Great Enterprise Agile Coach with this ONLINE Certified

ICAgile Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) Course

What is this course? 

The ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transformations is designed to explore Enterprise Agile Coaching in-depth, focusing on leadership styles, organisational culture, change processes, and coaching techniques. 

Based on the agile scoping framework, participants will learn the essential skills required to catalyse the adaptation and transformation of business agility within an organisation at an enterprise level. 

Throughout the course, learners will be introduced to various models and tools and develop a deep understanding of coaching, advising, and supporting leaders through complex and ambiguous situations. 

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with a set of practical skills and techniques to support the development and evolution of organisational agility.

Why get ICAgile certified?

ICAgile certification is recognised globally as a mark of excellence in Agile coaching. By getting certified, you'll gain access to a community of like-minded professionals and demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to potential employers.

What is the value of this ICP-CAT course?

  • Learn enterprise agile coaching skills to catalyse adaptation and transformation of business agility in alignment with your organisation's vision, goals, and needs in a complex world.

  • Gain awareness of different models of organisational culture to bring about positive behaviours and habits within your organisation.

  • Develop a tailored and intentional approach to the change process to improve the chances of success of an agile transformation.

  • Join a community of like-minded professionals to develop and grow together.

What have people said about the course?

Having taken this course, I confidently recommended it to senior colleagues who agreed that the quality of training and emphasis on interaction and learning-by-doing results in a great learner experience. In addition, I've found that the breadth of topics offered allied with the depth of knowledge of the trainers has meant that I am continuing to get value out of the experience even a year later. - Ted Morris Dawson 

The course on Coaching Agile Transformations was well-structured, engaging, and focused on coaching teams and organisations through the transition process. The instructor's experience and knowledge were key in understanding  & illustrating how Agile can be implemented in different environments. The course emphasised the importance of coaching and provided valuable insights into the different roles of an Agile coach, how to create a coaching plan, and how to work with teams to adopt Agile practices. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Coaching Agile Transitions! - Pier Lorenzo Paracchini 

Coaching Agile Transformations was a great course. It provided a solid foundation for practisers working across all levels of an organisation, with specific tools and preparation for engaging with senior leaders to support agile ways of working at scale. The course provided a range of helpful models for understanding the intent of an organisational change, how agile methods, approaches, metrics and coaching stances can support such change, and how to prepare yourself as an agile delivery professional to support large groups on their journey effectively. As usual, the course, prework beforehand, and support during the training were immersive, creating an environment where practitioners could safely share advice, stories and learn together. - Tom Hoyland

What will you learn? 

The course is split into four key areas of Enterprise Agile Coaching.

Exploring Leadership and Culture: This learning area focuses on understanding different leadership styles and their impact on team dynamics and culture. You'll explore how to foster a positive and inclusive team culture and develop your leadership style to manage teams better and lead change.

Change Processes and Strategies: In this area, you'll learn about different approaches to change management and strategies for successfully implementing change in your organisation. You'll explore methods for analysing and diagnosing organisational problems and creating and executing change plans. Using Agile Affinity proven agile scoping model



Coaching through Change: This learning area focuses on developing coaching skills to help individuals and teams navigate change. You'll learn how to support and guide individuals going through change, facilitate team conversations around change, and manage resistance to change.

Self-Mastery, Professional Development, and Ethics: This area focuses on personal and professional development. You'll learn techniques for self-reflection and assessment, as well as strategies for goal setting and achieving professional growth. You'll also explore ethical considerations in leadership and change management.

What topics are covered?

Here are just some of the many topics included

  • Enterprise Agile Coaching Skills

  • Leadership Styles and Development

  • Organisational Culture Models

  • Approaches to Culture Assessment

  • Business Case for Change

  • Human Change Process

  • Agile Scoping

  • Organisational Change Process

  • Bringing an Agile Mindset to Change

  • Organisational Assessments

  • Strategy and Contract for Change

  • Organisational Impediments to Change

  • Communicating at an Organizational Level

  • Enterprise Agile Coaching "Contract"

  • Professional Coaching

  • Trusted Advisor

  • Engaging Leadership in Conversation about Culture

  • Learning Journeys and Professional Development

  • Personal and Professional Mastery

  • Ethical Considerations of Enterprise Agile Coaching

Elevate Your Agile Coaching Skills with Agile Affinity

Discover the Distinct Advantages of Training with an ICAgile Transformation Member

Embarking on your Agile Coaching journey? Choose Agile Affinity and unlock a learning experience enriched by our status as an ICAgile Transformation Member. This prestigious recognition is not just a title—it's a testament to our deep commitment to fostering agile excellence through principle-based learning and real-world application.

Why Agile Coaching Training with Agile Affinity Stands Out:

Beyond Frameworks: Delve into the essence of Agile Coaching beyond mere frameworks. Our ICAgile Transformation Membership signifies our expertise in imparting knowledge that is deep-rooted in agile principles and highly applicable in real-world scenarios.

Real-World Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience in guiding agile transformations. Our Agile Coaching courses are infused with practical strategies and insights, empowering you to tackle real-life challenges confidently.

Personalised Learning Path: At Agile Affinity, we understand that every aspiring Agile Coach has unique needs and goals. Our training is designed to be flexible, addressing your specific aspirations and challenges and ensuring a learning experience as unique as your coaching journey.

Tangible Impact: Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in the success stories of our alumni. Join the ranks of accomplished Agile Coaches who have leveraged our training to make significant impacts in their organisations, armed with testimonials and case studies that underscore the effectiveness of our approach.

Continuous Support: Your growth as an Agile Coach is a journey, not a destination. As part of our ICAgile Transformation Member community, you gain access to continuous learning opportunities, keeping you at the forefront of Agile Coaching practices.

Start Your Agile Coaching Journey with Confidence

Opting for Agile Affinity’s Agile Coaching training means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Our principle-based, experienced-driven approach is designed to teach you agility and transform you into a proficient Agile Coach ready to inspire change and drive agility within teams and organisations.

Enrol now and take the first step towards mastering Agile Coaching with Agile Affinity. Together, let's turn your agile aspirations into your professional reality.

What will you receive?

Upon completing the course, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transformation Certification.

The certification will not expire and is a valuable industry-known certificate.

This course is worth 21 SEUs towards Scrum Alliance renewal requirements. 

What about exams and assessments?

The instructors assess the course during the training feedback will be provided if you are likely to need additional support before you can pass.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course suits individuals interested in or already working as Enterprise Agile Coaches. This includes coaches who work with organisations on agile transformations and help them achieve business agility and leaders and change agents who want to develop coaching skills and a deep understanding of agility. 

The course may also benefit Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and other agile team members who want to expand their knowledge and develop coaching skills to enable agile transformations at the enterprise level.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Participants should have at least three years of experience working in an Agile environment. They should have experience with Agile frameworks and practices, such as Scrum, XP and scaling frameworks, such as LeSS. Additionally, participants should have experience working with and coaching teams, and a background in organisational development or change management is recommended. 

The course is designed for experienced Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and other Agile practitioners seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in Enterprise Agile Coaching.

How should I prepare for this course?

Prework is provided to prepare you for the course. However, reflecting on your experiences and challenges related to agile transformation, leadership, and coaching may be helpful, as these can provide a valuable foundation for learning and application during the course. Finally, be prepared to engage in class discussions, activities, and assignments actively, as this course emphasises practical application and hands-on learning.

Will I need any equipment for the course?

As this is an online course, you will need a computer with a camera and a headset. You will also need to install the zoom client and be able to use mural, a virtual whiteboard application. For security reasons, we highly recommend you use a personal computer on our public courses whenever possible.

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